Reminder: WSG seminar January 2022

The fourth seminar of the year takes place on Saturday, 29 January 2022 (GMT).

This seminar will take place on Zoom. Please be aware, you must be a member of the WSG to gain access to the Zoom sessions. The links are distributed through our WSG mailing list 24-hours before the event. Becoming a member means you will be able to attend the Zoom and in-person seminars for the 2021-2022 season.


Phil Winterbottom. “By cash paid herself”: Women as clients of London’s banks from the Restoration to the 1780s

 Brenda M. Hosington. Two Seventeenth-Century Women Translators of French Prose Fiction

Alannah Tomkins. “I helpt to nurse”: care work by Georgian spinsters, 1780-1820

Eliska Bujokova. Matrons, Housekeepers and Nurses: Food Provision and Power Relations in Glasgow’s Early Nineteenth c. Hospitals

For further information, see our seminars page.  To join the WSG, see our membership page.

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