WSG Bursary 2019-2020 Award Winners

Happy New Year to all our readers. We are pleased to be able to announce the winners of our two bursaries.

Anna Jamieson, Birkbeck was awarded the £750 prize to continue researching in the Fellowes archives in the Norfolk and Huntingdonshire Record Offices as part of her project ‘Spending and Shopping: Women’s Experience in the Eighteenth-Century Madhouse’.  Congratulations Anna!

The joint award with the Foundling Museum of £500 went to Alexis Wolf, Birkbeck.  Alexis will use the award to fund research in the Foundling archives as part of her project ‘Women Nurses and Inspectors of the Foundling Hospital, 1750-1830’. Congratulations Alexis!

Details of our 2020-2021 award scheme will be announced later in the year.

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