Romantic Novels 1817 Seminars


The London & Southeast Romanticism Seminar, co-run by WSG member Susan Civale, is putting on a seminar series from January on “Romantic Novels 1817”.  All seminars will be held at the University of Greenwich campus, starting at 6pm, and all will be free and open to the public.  Please contact @reading1817 or for further details.

Friday 27 January 2017, Gillian Dow (Southampton/Chawton House Library)
Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey

Friday 10 March, Freya Johnston (Oxford)
Thomas Love Peacock, Melincourt

Thursday 18 May, Jenny McAuley (QMUL)
William Godwin, Mandeville

Friday 21 July, Thomas McLean (Otago)
Jane Porter, The Pastor’s Fire-Side

Friday 22 September, Anthony Mandal (Cardiff)
Ann Hatton, Gonzalo De Baldivia

Friday 17 November, Andrw Lincoln (QMUL)
Sir Walter Scott, Rob Roy

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